Augmented reality is one of the best instructional design techniques. Learning by observing creates a cognitive reasoning in the user and facilitates the perception of the knowledge through diverse angles. The purpose of TOURATH is to create the first and crucial step in the long awaited mission that aims at archiving the initial culture of Lebanon to create a more promising future.

Wink it !

This is a fun project created on PureData. It is a fun interactive way to create sounds while blinking using face recognition methods. I associated two sounds to start and stop depending on the presence of the eye on the face. It is an easy on/off system that triggered the beep sounds depending on the left or right eye. I like to experiment with these interaction to create more 'magic' to the world !

JWD Black Box

After going through a data collection on displaying jewellery, I decided to create a holographic black box. This project allows the user to manipulate a previously scanned jewellery object. It was a start of a concept to let window display of jewellery store become more interactive with the shoppers. 

Data Visualisation Jewellery

This processing project displays a data visualisation on jewellery that is window displayed in Paris. The statistics were based off of 32 viewers. 

Lafayette Keychain

This project is a group collaboration along with the Lafayette Platforme to create an experimental gadget. Our team developed an interactive keychain that would enhance the visitor experience. The visitor would collect information on the art displayed using the RFID on the keychain. 

In Collaboration with: Jaime Holland, Leyla Novini, Olivia Tucker, Stefania Verri and Jasmine Zhan

The Missing Page

This project was created using Processing to critique the academic history books in Lebanon. My approach to this topic is to urge the Lebanese population to demand the right to have an understanding of their full history in order for them to start building nation on clear facts. This project Is called the missing page it is the random history could have since nothing is written in academic books.